An appeal is a request that is made to a higher court to challenge the decision that was made in a lower court. In the case of a State court misdemeanor conviction from a justice court, an appeal involves a new trial in the district court. An appeal from a felony conviction in the State or Federal district court involves a review of the records of the trial court proceedings to determine if that court committed a legal or factual error. The claims of such errors are submitted in written briefs. Based on those briefs and the oral arguments of counsel the appellate court makes a determination if any error was committed that requires a reversal of the conviction and a new trial or a reduction in the sentence.

Appellate procedures are very technical and are subject to strict time limits. Appellate briefs require skill in both legal research and legal writing skills. Mr. Metos has had extensive experience in appellate practice. He has written and lectured on appellate procedures. He has won numerous appellate cases in the Utah State and Federal Courts.