Defense of drug crimes requires a working knowledge of the substantive law relating to drug offenses and the law relating to Constitutional and procedural defenses including the law of search and seizure. Drug crime defenses also require a familiarity with sentencing procedures, particularly the programs that are offered as alternatives to incarceration.

Expanded funding for the investigation and prosecution of drug offenses has led to the widespread use of wiretaps and the filing of complex cases. Mr. Metos has had over thirty years of experience in defending people charged with drug offenses. He has represented people charged not only with simple possession of drugs for personal use but also people charged in Federal cases involving wire taps and complex conspiracies. He has had success winning acquittals in the trial courts and reversals in the appellate courts for clients charged with drug offenses. Mr. Metos encourages clients who have problems with drug use to get involved in treatment to reduce the potential of re-offending.