Violent crimes involve physical harm or threats to commit physical harm to another. Depending on the nature of the injuries involved or the motivation to commit the offense, judges generally impose at least a jail sentence and quite often prison sentences for convictions for such crimes. However, these charges may also involve some very strong defenses. This is an area of the law where it is popular for prosecutors to rely on forensic evidence including DNA evidence. It is important to have experienced counsel to sort through this type of evidence and make proper challenges to it.

Trial experience and strategy are also critical in defending violent crimes. It also takes a good deal of experience to be able to effectively examine victims without alienating jurors. Likewise, experience is necessary to be able to effectively deal with expert witnesses. Mr. Metos has had over thirty years of experience representing people charged with violent crimes. He has been successful in trial in cases involving homicides, sex offenses, assaults, robberies, burglaries and arson.